Clients’ Words

Every person and business is unique, so we have provided an array of solutions to enable individuals and organisations reach their goals.

But don’t take our word for it, read some of our clients’ words…

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“Penny let me make the decisions and made sure I was comfortable with them. She applied the right amount of pressure to action things that have been discussed. She also stuck to the topics I really needed to work with rather than predicting what I needed and rushing to that subject.
I found the sessions invaluable as it was general business guidance as opposed to immediate financial gain.”
Vanilla Active − Web Site Development − Hertfordshire


“I felt that the rapport between Penny and myself was very good and I found her very easy to open up to. She was very positive and always maintained a “can do” attitude which I found encouraging and motivating. I also got the impression that as a coach, she genuinely cared about her client and had a heartfelt desire to do the very best she could for the client. This was evident in many ways but particularly in that she made the effort to call me outside of the coaching sessions to remind me about something. It definitely felt as if the coaching was coming from a heartfelt place, rather than putting a series of coaching techniques together in a more superficial way.”

PC − Nutritional Therapist − London 


“I have certainly saved time by streamlining my approach with prospective clients and attaining a professional image will also result in a monetary value although I am not in a position to put a value to these components as yet.
I appreciated Penny’s approach in terms of feeling “safe” to discuss areas of my business I was very unsure about. She is extremely reassuring whilst also maintaining her professionalism. Her insight in managing businesses is evident which does not impact on the style being directive.”

SS − Hypnotherapist − London 


“Over six sessions over six weeks, she has helped me keep a straight head, allowing me to focus my mind on the practicalities, giving me the courage and taking away the fear of being a business. All of this without relying on family and friends, who in the past have been against me achieving my goals. By managing my emotions, I was able to blast through those days where all I wanted to do was jump into bed and hide. She also helped me look at the bigger picture and has held it in my mind that I need a longer game plan.
My confidence has returned and I am approaching friends and family in a stronger and more confident way. My parents are really proud of me and relaxing slightly.”

KG − Contractor & Complementary Therapist − Essex


“I found the time spent with you was informative and constructive, so I left with a clear idea of how to structure the different income streams and also not to start all three at once. This was extremely helpful as I can now use my time wisely to produce results rather than half completed projects .”

CR – Canterbury


“Having the benefit of time with an excellent business coach like Penny has made a powerful difference to my approach to my own business. Challenged, supported, encouraged and empowered sums up the experience, and I can honestly say that I am looking forward to getting down to work on my list of actions! I know that my business will reap the benefits of my time with Penny, and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to you.”

M. Atkins – Wokingham